ECDC Family Handbook


At Temple Emanuel ECDC, we support open communication between educators and families. 

Designated conference dates are scheduled in January. However, communication is every day, and we welcome opportunities to meet with parents throughout the school year. Communication with parents is built on a foundation of mutual respect. When educators have a behavioral or developmental concern, they will reach out to the parents to schedule a meeting. Likewise the parent may initiate a meeting at any time. It is important for educators and parents to listen to one another’s perspectives in order to develop beneficial strategies. Follow-up meetings are important for sharing progress and for refining strategies.

Along with Pediatricians, Early Childhood Educators play an important role in referring families for additional support.  Additional services are available through two main networks:
  • Early Intervention (also known as DART) is a service of the Allegheny Intermediate Unit. Children may be screened in each developmental domain. If a child qualifies, DART therapists may come to the school, generally for no more than one hour per week.
  • Behavioral health is offered by social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists and developmental pediatricians. After an evaluation, treatment recommendations are made. Treatment may be in the form of weekly (outpatient) therapy or more intensive (“wraparound”), where therapeutic support is offered in the home and school setting.
ECDC uses a school/family app – Remini – to communicate the story of each child and classroom through text, photos and videos. Remini will be used to share school experiences and to provide specific information. We hope that our notifications, updates and stories offer your family meaningful ways to connect and engage with your child’s school experience. 
  • Remini is  a secure communications platform and application that can be accessed from your computer (via Google Chrome), smartphone or tablet.
  • Within the first few days of school you will receive a notification inviting you to sign up for Remini. Please accept the invitation and follow steps to set up your child’s profile. Please note: In order to have one profile per child, the “invitations” will be sent to one parent only. The parent should then “invite” the other parent. Both parents will then receive all notifications simultaneously.
  • The purpose of Remini is solely for school/family use.  Please indicate on the ECDC Emergency Contact/Parental Consent form whether ECDC has permission to post a photo or video that includes your child on Remini. (Whether or not you want your child’s photo to be included, we encourage you to join Remini for school updates.)
Parent Teacher Partnership (PTP)
  • As families in the TE-ECDC community, we welcome you as members of our Parent Teacher Partnership. Our school calendar includes open meetings between the Temple Emanuel ECDC Advisory Board and the Parent Teacher Partnership which means greater collaboration and a wider range of ways for each of you to participate.
  • The primary objective of the PTP is to build bridges amongst the parents, guardians, and educators to foster a community of involved caregivers that offers both friendship and feedback.
  • PTP works hard to support the school and to supply the “extras” that augment our children’s education. We play an important role by providing supplemental funds, programs, resources, and services that will enhance the experience for every child.  In order to meet financial goals, we conduct an annual direct donation campaign and host an exciting afternoon of Designer Bag Bingo.


  • All entrances to Temple Emanuel are locked at all times. Entrances are monitored by video camera.
  • Entry is gained in one of two ways –by key fob or by admittance by a staff member (or designated volunteer) of Temple Emanuel.  Persons who do not have a key fob must ring the buzzer. The person requesting access must give first and last names and specific purpose of visit. A parent, for example, must state the first and last name of the child whom is being picked up and the name of the child’s teacher.
  • Visitors with a purpose unrelated to ECDC will be instructed to come to the courtyard doorway.
Other Security Measures:
  • Signage on exterior doors advises visitors that entrances are monitored by video camera.
  • Double doors between the school and the rest of Temple Emanuel are secured with access by code for authorized persons.
  • The school playground is protected with fencing and a locked gate.
  • We work in partnership with the Mt. Lebanon Police and Fire Departments to ensure that our facility is safe and secure and that our staff is appropriately trained to respond in the event of an emergency.


Two forms are required for enrollment and are due on August 1, one month prior to the start of school:
  • Emergency Contact/Parental Consent Form (The Emergency Contact form must be reivew and updated every 6 months.)
  • Child Health Report – documentation of a health exam and immunizations.
    • Immunizations are required.
    • Health exam documentation must be submitted every 12 months.
Additional forms may be required if your child has food allergies or requires medication during school hours. Please request a form from the Director.


Covid Policy and Procedures:  

These protocols describe safety practices conforming to recommendations by the PA Office of Child Development and Early Learning (OCDEL) and the Center for Disease Control (CDC). Due to the fluctuating nature of the pandemic, the measures described below are subject to change. Updates will be distributed and posted as needed. Click HERE.

Please call or email the office to report your child’s absence and the reason for the absence.

If your child has a contagious disease (chicken pox, pink eye, scarlet fever) or parasitic condition (head lice, scabies, pinworm), please let us know so that we can advise the other parents that their children may have been exposed to the illness or condition.

  • Children with pink eye, scarlet fever, or strep throat must be on medication for at least 24 hours before returning to school.
  • Children with head lice, scabies or pin worm must have signed approval from a medical professional before returning to school.
  • All pox or blisters of children with chicken pox or hand, foot and mouth disease must be crusted or dry before the child can return to school.
  • Children with a fever, diarrhea, or vomiting are not to be in school and cannot return for 24 hours after the fever, diarrhea, or vomiting has stopped.
  • Children with a fresh cold and runny nose are not to be in school.
We contact parents immediately to report onset of an illness or an injury that has occurred at school. We complete incident reports and provide copies at the request of the parent.


There are two ways to hear about ECDC school closures due to inclement weather or other emergencies:
  • Email
  • Follow school closure announcements for Mt. Lebanon School District. (We will close or delay when Mt. Lebanon does.)


DART Preschool Early Intervention:

DART provides free screening to identify developmental needs and provides early intervention services at no cost for eligible children in Allegheny County. The phone number is 412-394-5904. ECDC collaborates with DART to support the developmental needs of each child. ECDC provides a list of additional community resources as needed and upon request.

Temple Emanuel Early Childhood Development Center NONDISCRIMINATION POLICY

Admissions, the provisions of services and referrals of clients shall be made without regard to race, color, religious creed, disability, ancestry, national origin (including limited English proficiency), age or sex.


Jeanne Glasspool Fund

The Jeanne Glasspool Fund of Temple Emanuel is used to purchase special equipment, repairs and maintenance of the classrooms, indoor gym and the playground.

Nan Simon Fund

The Nan Simon Fund is used for ECDC staff training and for technology in the classroom.

Martha Klein Lottman Fund

The Lottman Fund provides matching monies for the Jewish Early Childhood Education Initiative, a program sponsored by the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh, and related projects.

United Way

We are a United Way Choice Contributor agency. Please think of us when contributing to the United Way.   The funds will help make scholarships available to families facing financial hardships. We appreciate your donations and thank you in advance.   #1250695 must be marked to designate your donation to ECDC.

Tax identification number is: EIN 25 – 1029716.