Library News


Well, some people thought we didn’t have a card catalog anymore. Wrong! We actually had two, hiding in the Conference room off the Library.  We went to an online catalog many years ago, but we needed the original when we did our inventory in 2015. One catalog had all the cards for the books.  The other had all the audio cassette tapes.

Sandy Lumish called me in the middle of July to say that her daughter was interested in purchasing a card catalog.  Many people have repurposed these beautiful wood cabinets to organize craft items or make them into jewelry holders.  Check out Pinterest online to see various uses.  Now we only have one card catalog with cards.  Sandy helped to transfer the cards and even provided the plastic bins to hold the tapes.

There are many music tapes that are in good condition.  Some we have on CD. Some we don’t, but, of course, a lot of people don’t have an audio tape player anymore. We still have a portable combination CD/tape player, which can be transported to other rooms in the Temple. However, even I forget to remind teachers of our collection, and if I forget, nobody even knows they’re there.

If you are interested in audio tapes, please contact me and I will be glad to show you what we have, play a demo, and give them away.  As you may know I have trouble parting with things, but I am resolving to be a better “weeder” in the coming year.

Happy New Year,


— Paula Altschul, Librarian