Library News

On April 2nd, Jen Cohen and I led our third story and craft at Mt. Lebanon Public Library. This time it was Passover themed, and the children made afikoman bags and snacked on matza and macaroons. We had a great turnout. Our partnership with Connie Mathews, Children’s Librarian, has gone beautifully and we are planning to again coordinate a trilogy of holiday specials in the downstairs community room at the Mt. Lebanon Library. This year we did Sukkot, Chanukah, and Passover. Stay tuned for our 2017-18 schedule of fun events.

We had a lovely time at our Lox at the Library event on April 20th.  Melinda Freed supplied the gourmet brunch and Sara Frey and Alice Mahler came to greet our guests.  Conversation flowed and several people checked out books and DVDs.  If you would like to check something out and can’t get to Temple, please call Paula at the Library and I will help with selection and delivery.

Our First Grade Parent Connection Program went well this winter/spring with all 15 students completing the program by reading at least 8 books.  Anna McFerron was our super reader with 56 books read.  All the children received a bag full of goodies including a gift card to Half Price Books, courtesy of store manager and Temple member, Jeremiah Demme, a coupon for a free kid’s cone at Scoops on Beverly Rd., and a coupon for a cookie at Life is Sweet across from the Temple on Bower Hill Rd. The children are a group of excellent readers – actually asking me if they could take turns reading to the class at one of our storytimes, rather than listening to me read to them.  I was impressed with their eagerness and skills!

Thanks go out to Samara Steinfeld for her excellent madricha (assistant) performance this semester. Without her Parent Connection on Sunday mornings would not go as smoothly as it does.

Some summer fun for you if you like word puzzles:

Famous Person Word Scramble








If you would like more information about these people, you are welcome to come to the Pollon Family Library at Temple where we have biographies of all of them.

Storytime with a Camp Theme – On Monday, June 5th at 10:30 am-noon, we will have our annual “Beginning of Summer” preschool storytime with Paula Altschul and craft time with Jen Cohen, our esteemed PJ Library representative. Afterwards parents, grandparents, and children enjoy social time on the ECDC playground.



— Paula Altschul, Librarian