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Let’s Finish the Puzzle Fundraiser!

May 29, 2017

$36 - $540

Last spring’s “Complete-the- פָּאזֶל -Puzzle” fundraiser raised nearly $16,000 for Temple through the generous donations made by you, our always supportive members.

But, we didn’t actually finish the puzzle.  So, in lieu of having another spring fundraiser, we’re asking you to “sponsor” the remaining pieces so we can finally complete our one-of-a-kind, custom-made, 500-piece Temple jigsaw puzzle.  Once again, we are counting on your support to help us raise much needed operating funds as we approach the end of our fiscal year (June 30).
puzzle cropped

Please select from these sponsor levels and make your donation by May 29, 2017:

Center pieces at $36 each

Edge pieces at $118* each

Corners at $540 each



*The Gematria (numeric equivalent) for the Hebrew word פָּאזֶל is 118


May 29, 2017
$36 - $540

Who's Attending

36 people are attending Let’s Finish the Puzzle Fundraiser!

  • Allan and Judy Press
  • Kate Louik
  • David Weisberg
  • Jim Genstein
  • Aaron & Shiela Margolis
  • Jason Green
  • Keith & Margaret Abrams
  • Deb and Phil Levy
  • Carol & Byron Rose
  • Sara Jo Klein
  • Susan Hommel
  • Michelle Markowitz
  • David Rullo
  • Lisa Steinfeld
  • Paul Rudoy
  • roberta carr
  • Joan rothaus
  • Andrea Fitting
  • Jessica Locketz
  • Dan & Nancy Garfinkel
  • Eric and Natalie Bernstein
  • Barbara and David Greenberg
  • Bruce and Holly Rudoy
  • Irving Horowitz
  • Barbara Weber Pollak
  • Julia Leyzarovich
  • rona pookman
  • Renee Tatro
  • Jennifer Bordenstein
  • Bruce Fine
  • Michael Finke
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