Policies & Procedures


Your child should be dressed in play clothes and sturdy shoes such as tennis shoes. Clothing should allow freedom of movement and enable children maximum independence with toileting.  (Sandals, dress shoes, long laces, strings from jacket hoods, and long dresses tend to impede movement or cause safety hazards.)

Please label and send the following in a labeled zip-lock bag:

Shirt, pants, socks, underpants and diapers/wipes if needed. Remember to change the clothes in the cubby as the seasons change.

Dress your child according to the weather. Please send hats and mittens on a daily basis throughout the cold season. Outdoor clothing should be marked with child’s name.

Fire Drills and Emergency Evacuation Procedures

ECDC will have fire drills at least six times a year. We make an effort to prepare the children and treat the drills as an educational opportunity. In case of an actual emergency that prevents us from returning to the building, we will walk as a group to the Concordia, the building behind The Temple. Parents will be contacted, and we will remain with the children until everyone has been picked up.

Food Policy

Daily Snack

Because of the specific risks posed by peanuts and nut products, ECDC reviews food labels and offers snack items, such as animal crackers, that are nut-free. ECDC also offers fruits and vegetables that are prepared in family kitchens, which are not nut-free environments. Parents of children with allergies may choose to send an alternative snack, as indicated on their child’s Food Allergy Plan. On Fridays, ECDC offers Challah (bread containing eggs); the nut-free dough is baked in the Temple Emanuel kitchen, which is not a nut-free facility.


Temple Emanuel offers a flexible lunch program from 11:30 am to 12:45 pm for children enrolled in 3s, 4s, Transition and Kindergarten Enrichment classes. Children may stay for lunch on any day; pre-registration is not required. Families are asked to provide home-packed lunches for their children. Lunch boxes should be clearly marked with the child’s name. Cost for the lunch program is $8 per day and may be prepaid or billed.

Please note that lunches should not include any foods that contain peanuts, peanut better, tree nuts or any other type of nut. A food item will be returned home if staff is unable to verify that it is nut-free. Families are also asked to refrain from sending pork or shellfish products. Children are not permitted to share items from their lunches.

Illness & Injuries

Please call or email the office to report your child’s absence and the reason for the absence. If your child has a contagious disease (chicken pox, pink eye, scarlet fever) or parasitic condition (head lice, scabies, pinworm), please let us know so that we can advise the other parents that their children may have been exposed to the illness or condition.

  • Children with pink eye, scarlet fever, or strep throat must be on medication for at least 24 hours before returning to school.
  • Children with head lice, scabies or pin worm must have signed approval from a medical professional before returning to school.
  • All pox or blisters of children with chicken pox or hand, foot and mouth disease must be crusted or dry before the child can return to school.
  • Children with a fever, diarrhea, or vomiting are not to be in school and cannot return for 24 hours after the fever, diarrhea, or vomiting has stopped.
  • Children with a fresh cold and runny nose are not to be in school.
  • We contact parents immediately to report onset of an illness or an injury that has occurred at school.

Medical & Intake Forms

Three forms will be required for enrollment:

  • Intake
  • Emergency Contact/Parental Consent Form
  • Child Health Report – documentation of a health exam and immunizations; immunizations are required.

Health exam documentation must be submitted every 12 months.

Forms must be submitted by the end of the first week of school.

Additional forms may be required if your child has food allergies or requires medication during school hours. Please request a form from the Director.

Parking & Parking Lot

To maintain safety, we ask all families to drive at five miles per hour in the parking lot. The parking lot is one-way during school hours. Enter on the playground-side of the building from Bower Hill and exit at the light at Bower Hill and Concordia Way. For the breathing safety of our children, please do not let your car idle. Please share safety information with family members and babysitters who assist with transportation to and from school.


All doors to Temple Emanuel are locked during school hours, and the playground is enclosed with metal fencing. Parents are asked to purchase key fobs for secure entry. Key fob holders should not admit other persons into the building. Please follow the ECDC campaign of “One Swipe; One Family.” Fobs are operable on Mondays through Fridays from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. We encourage ECDC families to purchase a fob for every person who will be dropping off/picking up a child. The cost is $25 per fob; $10 is refunded when the fob is returned.


Tuition is due by the 1st of each month. The coupon page, which is mailed in July, will serve as a statement reminder. Tuition payments can be mailed or dropped off in the office. Payments are made a month ahead, so the August payment is for September school and the April payment is for May.