Welcome to 2020-21

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Shared Responsibility

On behalf of our Temple Emanuel Community and in the spirit of Kehillah – 

Our commitment to one another is heightened in this time of the coronavirus pandemic. To protect our collective health and safety and minimize risk of exposure and infection within our school community, we ask our teachers and family members to be careful about their comings and goings and abide by the following guidance:

Please notify the ECDC Director of any travel, possible exposure, or signs of illness among family members. We will keep you informed of all matters impacting the health of our community and of new guidelines as conditions evolve.  We understand that risk can only be minimized, not eliminated, and we appreciate your diligence in maintaining these safeguards. 

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Virtual Assemblies
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Assembly (8/7/20)

Assembly (7/31/20)

Underwater Assembly (7/24/20)

Assembly (7/17/20)

Assembly with Mrs. Closson’s Grandmother! (7/10/20)

Assembly (6/3/20)

Assembly (6/26/20)

Welcome to ECDC 2020-21 Assembly (6/19/20)