Parent Participation

At ECDC we invite parents to participate in a wide variety of ways, for example by sharing your interests and talents with the classroom, reading a story, or celebrating birthdays and holidays. We also invite you to attend weekly Assembly on Thursdays for Twos and Fridays for the older children, where we enjoy singing together. Most important we invite you to be in regular communication with your child’s classroom teacher. In addition to daily informal contact, we offer annual conferences with the possibility of meeting more often as needed or upon request.

School-Family Communication App

ECDC uses  school-family communication app called REMINI. Teachers will post a minimum of one time per week to share classroom experiences in form of narratives and photos. The classroom posts are designed to give you an in depth view of classroom life and to invite you to participate.

Parent Teacher Partnership (PTP)

As families in the TE-ECDC community, we welcome you as members of our Parent Teacher Partnership. Our school calendar includes open meetings between the Temple Emanuel ECDC Advisory Board and the Parent Teacher Partnership which means greater collaboration and a wider range of ways for each of you to participate.

The primary objective of the PTP is to build bridges amongst the parents, guardians, and teachers to foster a community of involved caregivers that offers both friendship and feedback. In addition, the PTP works hard to support the school and to supply the “extras” that augment our children’s education. We play an important role by providing supplemental funds, programs, resources, and services that will enhance the experience for every child.

In order to meet financial goals, we conduct an annual direct donation campaign and host an exciting afternoon of Designer Bag Bingo – to be held next on February 23, 2020.

We hope that the PTP helps parents to participate in meaningful ways.