Isabella with pumpkinOur classrooms are furnished with cabinets and counters in primary colors. The teachers understand the importance of creating beautiful classrooms where children are invited to engage with interesting materials. Our rooms are informally divided into art, block, and science areas where children can choose materials for drawing, painting, building or exploring. A rug with pillows provides a comfortable spot for meeting time, where children sing, listen to a story and talk about the day. Our classrooms are decorated with children’s original artwork. The teachers enhance the displays with text showing the questions and comments that children make as they work. Each classroom boasts a wall of windows that bathes the rooms in natural light, creating endless educational opportunities for our students to observe nature and experience the seasons.


Our kitchen is furnished with child size tables and chairs and is used for cooking and special art projects. It also houses a water table where children can, for example, play with soapy water or try to figure out whether a large pumpkin can float. Our kitchen provides a place for some of the messier activities that we enjoy on a daily basis.

Playground and Gym

We are fortunate to have a large outdoor playground with state-of-the-art equipment, which includes a rubber surface that protects against major scrapes and bruises. In addition to climbing equipment and slides, we have smaller equipment for the younger children and sturdy tricycles for all ages.

Our indoor gym is equipped with a 12-piece obstacle course that can be put together in infinite combinations. We also have a climbing wall specified to the large muscle development of young children.